Comfort and Style with Reebok Skyscape


Purple sneakers are cool. You might be skeptical – I know I was – but they really are! In fact, I’m at a big digital marketing conference this week and the CEO was wearing purple sneakers at the keynote. I couldn’t quite tell if they were Reebok Skyscape, but obviously prime color shoes are in […]

Does X2Performance Improve Performance?


Last month, I was asked to join #teamX2 as a brand ambassador for X2PERFORMANCE as part of a limited time, paid sponsorship. As I mentioned in a my post about performance supplements, I received 4 samples to try in my own workouts and see how it works for me. I decided tested it out on […]

Strength is Stunning in HKNB


If you want to get stronger, you have work out in a smelly gym, wear ratty clothes, and look like you just crawled out of bed when you hit the running path or the gym. Thank goodness that is NOT true!! While you may not be able to control the smell of your gym, there […]

Fitmark Meal Management Bag: the BOX


Since I started eating 6-7 meals a day, I’ve been looking for a lunch box that would make it easier to bring food to work. I typically bring 3-4 meals to work every day and that doesn’t fit in your typical bag. For months I’ve been using reusable grocery bags, but I wanted something that […]