Preventative Maintenance: Massage + Chiropractic


A common concern that many athletes have faced at one time or another is injury. Whether you’ve pulled a muscle in the gym, hurt your foot while running, or crashed on your bike – injuries happen. But there are things you can do to support your body and protect against many injuries. I call this […]

6 Tips for Running When You Travel


This past week I had the opportunity to visit several beautiful cities. I attended a Digital Marketing conference in San Francisco, so we flew out early to enjoy wine country over the weekend (more to come next week on that trip!). On Sunday morning, we had the chance to do a trail run in Muir […]

Does X2Performance Improve Performance?


Last month, I was asked to join #teamX2 as a brand ambassador for X2PERFORMANCE as part of a limited time, paid sponsorship. As I mentioned in a my post about performance supplements, I received 4 samples to try in my own workouts and see how it works for me. I decided tested it out on […]