Hi! I’m Heather, the writer, coach, and recipe developer behind Better With Veggies, which features recipes, workouts, tips, reviews, and giveaways. Better With Veggies is a food & fitness blog, where I share my approach to living an active life. I strive for balance wherever possible, enjoying foods with a heavy dose of veggies and workouts that make me smile! I want to inspire you to live a healthy life that you love and challenge yourself to be the best version of you.

A Little About Me

I was born in New Orleans, spent a few years in Pennsylvania, raised in Atlanta, and currently living in Denver with my husband (Kirk) and two dogs (Abbott & Zurie). During the day, I’m the Digital Strategy Director at a medical device company. At night, I’m a wife, chef, coach, writer, and athlete. I love to travel, explore, try new things, and just experience life!

Heather Blackmon

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With a name like Better With Veggies, you know I love to eat my veggies, but that wasn’t always the case! I realized several years ago that although I ate what most would consider a healthy diet, there were far too little vegetables on my plate. After changing my diet and emphasizing veggies in every meal, I realized how much better it made me feel and how it fueled my active adventures! Michael Pollan has a quote you’ve likely heard that sums up my food philosophy nicely:

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.


Today, I personally eat a pescatarian diet (which means the only meat I eat is fish and seafood) with a heavy emphasis on lots of veggies. Many of my meals are vegetarian and vegan, because they taste good and fuel my body best. I also make sure my ingredients are always responsibly-raised, so I look for the certified humane seal and buy only pasture-raised eggs. Believe me, those bright orange yolks really taste better too!


I also host a weekly food challenge called Meatless Mondays from A-Z (or #MMAZ). Each week, we feature a new ingredient and challenge you to create an original vegetarian recipe featuring that ingredient. If you’re not into recipe creation, the next week we challenge you to cook someone else’s recipe with that ingredient. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged) to join the fun at any time!



Fitness is a big part of my life – it helps give me energy to enjoy daily adventures! I love to find challenges and events to inspire me to keep moving and improving. I encourage you to find what type of fitness motivates you – which might not be what works for me. #MoveHappy is a tag I started using to spread the message that fitness should be fun!

Fitness in Colorado

My fitness journey as an adult started with a goal to run a 5K in 2002, which turned in a love of running and multisport (duathlon & triathlon). To date, I’ve completed 8 marathons, 1 ultra marathon, 1 Ironman, and countless other road and trail races. In addition to endurance sports, I’ve also discovered a love for the gym and strength training, which led to my first NPC Bikini Competition! I’m planning to fill my fitness calendar with both duathlons and bikini competition in 2014 – two goals that make me smile and help me #MoveHappy!

Running and Triathlon Online Coaching

As much as I enjoy challenging myself, I love helping others reach their fitness goals!! In March 2012, Kirk and I launched our online coaching business. Our goal is to offer high-quality coaching at an affordable price, so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential! We offer a number of affordable, personalized coaching plans for running, triathlon, and duathlon – from your first 5K to your next ultra endurance event.

Read about the services we offer, meet the coaches, read testimonials, & then sign up! Don’t see what you were looking for? Just ask!



Although most of my posts are food or fitness related, sometimes I just share about what’s going on in the rest of my life. I’m happily married to the best guy around – Kirk – and we enjoy traveling as often as possible! He’s also just as crazy about fitness as I am, although he was a competitive swimmer through school and actually enjoys the pool. You can read more about his fitness experience here.

Scuba Diving

We both graduated from the University of Georgia, so in the Fall you’ll hear us cheering for our Dawgs between the hedges. Then when the mountains have snow, we spend as much time as possible on our snowboards.


At home, our awesome dogs keep us entertained. Abbott is a Black Lab/Husky mix and the “old-man” of the family. Zurie is the “baby”, a Great Pyrenees who just wants you to love on her. Zurie loves getting her photo taken, but Abbott is hard to catch in action. Because they are both camera shy, so you don’t see them around here as much as I would like!


Thanks for stopping by!

I’m so glad that  you’ve found Better With Veggies and I hope you’ll come back often! Have something to say? I want to hear your feedback, questions, suggestions, or just say “hi”! Email me using or reach out on any of the social media platforms below!

For brands interested in working with me, you can find more information here.


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    Love your blog! Although I’m not vegan – a lot of my friends are vegetarian or vegan. I love the helpful information you give for solid substitutions as I know often times, a lot of substitutions change the texture or flavor. Great info!

    • says

      Thank you for the awesome complement! I’d love to hear your feedback when you try a recipe, it’s always great to hear when someone tries a recipe. :)


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