Get Ready to Create with Vanilla!

It’s time for your #MMAZ reminder of the week!This week your challenge is to CREATE an original meatless recipe featuring Vanilla.

What do you think of when you hear vanilla?

Do you think of a vanilla bean, vanilla extract, or vanilla ice cream? No matter what type of vanilla you use, you can create something delicious here! You can use vanilla to make a snack, a new lunch treat, or a complex dinner entrée – whatever idea you have, as long as it’s meatless, it works!

No recipe is to simple, just have fun with it!

Meatless Monday from A-Z: Vanilla

If you haven’t participated before, check out the MMAZ page for full details on how it works – and to get the logo for your post on Monday. So get in the kitchen and start creating something new this weekend, if you haven’t already.